Kidnapped or Saved

I read an article last week for the first time titled Kidnapped or Saved? How Some Orphans Really Feel When They’re Adopted. It’s a few years old and definitely worth the read. I want to know what you all think of this article and this topic. This article discusses a topic that I haven’t really thought about before: Continue reading


Superheroes & Adoption

220px-ManofSteelFinalPosterBatman is probably my favorite superhero of all time! He’s just a normal guy who uses his strength, intelligence, money, and mad fighting skills to save his city. I will admit though that Superman is the greatest superhero of all time. There is no question or debate. He is. The coolest thing about Superman is that he was adopted! (Pretty neat topic for an adoption awareness blog, eh?) Superman may not be a true story, but there are a lot of things that happen in Superman’s story that happen in real life stories.

When a person is adopted into a family who cares and loves for them, their life will never
be the same. Just like Superman, the adoptive family has the ability to tap into their adoptive child’s hidden wealth of gifts, talents, and skills. When this happens, something truly beautiful takes place that can literally change the world forever. Clark Kent’s dad knew that he possessed something truly amazing, and he knew exactly what to do to pull it out of him.Whether you are already an adoptive parent or are going down the path of adoption, consider the gifts and talents that your children may have that aren’t received genetically from you or your spouse; pull those gifts out of them so they can put their stamp on life!

Kyle is married to Anna Sadler, is the NextGen/Communications Pastor at Life Bridge Church in Fort Wayne, IN, and a Notre Dame football fan! You can follow his thoughts on IG/Twitter at @KyleSadler.

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US vs. DRC Parenting

Today I opened my email and saw a subject line: “Is your toddler eating right?” followed by an email full of the nutrients and super foods essential to a child’s well being. After experiencing first time parenting for three months in DR Congo, I thought coming back to the U.S. would make for a fairly stress-free parenting experience, in comparison, for at least a few months. A time where I could focus on Evelyn in my comfortable home and not have the fear of being stuck in a third world country haunting me. However, in many aspects, parenting in the U.S. has been much harder. I know. It’s come as a shock to me too, and sometimes I can’t believe it’s true…but it is. Continue reading

Interview: Pursuing Practical Application

I had the privilege of meeting one of the sweetest girls I know a few years ago and since then I have watched how the Lord has grown her from afar. I am blessed to know her and I was so glad to see that she is going to Show Hope this summer to pursue orphan advocacy and adoption awareness. She was so gracious to take the time to do an interview with us. Find out more about Kate below!

-Stephanie Continue reading

Choose Joy

A few years ago I learned about the importance of staying plugged in. As a lamp is plugged into the wall, I remember visualizing. The lamp doesn’t shine bright without being plugged in. In fact, it probably doesn’t even work without being plugged in…unless it’s fancy and is battery operated. 😉 A computer doesn’t stay charged without often being plugged in. What these items need is a power source because without that they will not continue to function. And just as these items, in our own lives we need a power source.  Continue reading

Fight to Forever Family


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What started out as the final step on our adoption journey met with excitement, anxiety, and whimsical anticipation soon turned into the greatest trial of my life.  My bags were packed for a 2-3 week trip to DRC to pick … Continue reading